Shadow from flash on ZS20

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Re: Shadow from flash on ZS20

It's really not fair to belittle someone for pointing out what could justifiably be called a documented flaw. I doubt that the spec sheet nor any reviews noted this limitation.

As with most of these types of issues, it may not affect everyone but it will affect some - we shouldn't have to work around this type of inconvenience/annoyance. To categorically state that this occurs only for the most insignificant part of the photo is also a bit unfair - that my be true for most shots for most photographers, but what's truly significant depends on the subject and no part of the sensor can simply be dismissed as unnecessary for all. Indoor shots where a room is not very deep can require max WA to, for example, fit everyone into a group shot or for real estate photos, etc. Based on the examples I've seen posted, I think the impact is significant and I would be more than disappointed if my one chance to get a particular shot got spoiled by this shadow effect.

Why not a firmware fix to limit the zoom to prevent this shadow occuring when the flash is enabled? If they can't do that, maybe they should project the shadow onto the LCD so we can work around it instead of forcing us to work with it. [SARCASM!]

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