Safari Lens? (40-150mm + 45-200mm or 40-150mm + 1.7x teleconv)

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Re: Safari Lens? (40-150mm + 45-200mm or 40-150mm + 1.7x teleconv)

Personally with as much money as I assume the trip is, I'd invest in a nicer lens, like the Olympus 100-300mm or Panasonic longer lens.

Alternately, I'd consider getting a nice legacy film lens. I don't have my OM-D yet to try it out on, but I have a Sigma 70-210mm f/2.8 APO that works brillantly on my OM-1 and it works decently enough on my wife's E-PL1. Fairly sharp and it gives you a 140-420mm equivelent F/2.8 lens on 4/3rds. I also have a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 APO that works okay (but hard to stabalize an 800mm equivelent lens).

The former was about $180 off Ebay around 5 years ago, the later was about $150 off Ebay and they both produce pretty sharp results. On the E-PL1, the 70-210 produces fine results at f/2.8 and very sharp ones at f/4.5 and up. The 400mm produces okay results wide open and good results from f/8.

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