D7000 vs D90

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Sammy Yousef
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Making no progress

Still the same newbie questions, and still the same tired old answers based on people's own shooting habits and preferences.

Whether or not you should change cameras depends ENTIRELY on what you typically shoot. What your next lens, flash or other accessory also depends ENTIRELY on what you shoot. There is no point buying a wide angle lens if you like to shoot sports and do birding in the telephoto range. There's no point in buying prime lenses if you don't care about sharpness and like to use flash.

I can tell you for my own shooting that I have not upgrade my D90s for the following reasons

  • Too many people having issues with focus, oil spots, hot pixels. No thanks. My D90s have given me no problems WHATSOEVER. Between my wife and I we've owned 4. Part of that has been luck I'm sure but I'm not about to toss my current cameras when they've taken so many good shots. I barely have time to shoot let alone fight my gear

  • Hate the way auto ISO and flash behave on the new bodies. Right now with the D90 I can walk around at a party in manual mode at f/8 and 1/200 with flash on auto and auto ISO set to max at 400 and all my shots at are properly exposed - i only have to worry about blowing highlights if I move outdoors in bright sunlight. Most of my shots are at the base ISO of 200. Same settings on a newer model body will boost ISO and conserve flash power.

  • Don't have money to throw away

Features of the D7000 I wish I had...

  • AF fine tune

  • Faster focus and frame rate. (Will miss that very much at an airshow I'm going to in a couple of weeks

  • Every bit of DR helps

  • Every bit of ISO performance helps in low light

  • I would say dual card slots but so far I've not have SD media fail at the wrong time on me - so far it would have made no difference

The above are important because every shot counts - you don't get to go back and shoot. To me they just aren't worth the money or the hassles other people are having.

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