Anyone here own both cameras - XP1 & OM-D

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Re: Anyone here own both cameras - XP1 & OM-D

Ray Sachs wrote:

I have the X-Pro 1 and hope to have the OMD soon, having a full compliment of m43 lenses. The OMD is the best IQ of any m43 camera to date, particularly at high ISO and actually competes with the X-Pro 1, but doesn't win that competition. They're both incredible cameras. The OMD will be a lot more flexible and is faster in pretty much every way, and is probably quicker and easier to learn. And it's IBIS is pretty revolutionary, allowing for handheld shots at insane shutter speeds like half a second. The X-Pro 1 has a singular OVF that can be worth the price of admission alone for many of us. And it's got notably better IQ, dynamic range, and is a stop or two better at high ISO (at least based on jpegs).

If I had to choose one, or would probably be the OMD for its greater versatility, but I'm sure I will choose both and sell all of the other stuff. These are two VERY exciting cameras.

Could not agree with you more. In their own ways both these cameras have "moved the game on" by showing alternatives that work, and work well. I am less impressed with the Nikon/Canon tactic of just bumping resolution on what is basically an old platform (flipping mirror SLR).

XP1 is not my first mirrorless camera, but I love not having to fine tune my lenses to get them to focus properly Focus is not mega-fast, but its not actually THAT much slower than some fast primes on the D800 which have very long focus throw.

The XP1 AF should be judged as a whole when the new zooms are available - these may be IF zooms and F4 so could potentially have faster focus.


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