iPad 3 won't sync photos.

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Re: iPad 3 won't sync photos. - THE SOLUTION....

My way of working is that I take pictures using my camera, return to my computer and put them on there directly from my Camera - edit them on PC using Lightroom/Photoshop and want to put / showcase my best ones onto my iPad......

To get those images in a useable, showcase order / form I'd like them to be in an Album.

That doesn't seem too much to ask by anybody's stretch of the imagination.

How do you 'simply copy copy them back using the cable etc." ?? In Windows Explorer I can't see much in my 'Apple iPad' other than what pictures I 'took' with my iPad (i.e. the Camera Roll).

sounds like you're just using your iPad in a certain way which works for you - there are a lot of people out there that don't work like you and are having huge amounts of issues with all of this (like the OP).

wildwilly wrote:

I can't speak for your Ipad3 but mine does not have a 3000 pixel limitation. I use the CCK to import raw photos from my 7D (18Mpx) without problem. I use the CCK to connect the USB cable from the camera to the Ipad3 and simply copy the pics over. I then later use the iPad3's charging USB cable to connect the Ipad3 to my desktop or laptop and do another copy.

No muss, no fuss, no bother.

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