DXO re-measures the M8's dynamic range…..

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Re: Nice pic and caption, Gianluca

Wow! Your Leica obssesion goes deeper than I initially though, this gets better by the minute!

stevielee wrote:

There you go again with the beaten to a bloody pulp "LOL" whatever you call it.

You red dotters are truly as thin skinned as everyone in the non-Leica body world really think you are, and then some. You over use and abuse words, till they have left zero meaning, like your above: "serious issues, obsession, troll", and most especially the go-to fave for many of you extra nano thin-skinned Leicaphile's: "hate". .

Awwn, cute, you care about the consequences of my language use! Good thing you would neeeeeeeever do the same, mr. "red dotters", "thin skinned", "Leicaphile", "cut the mustard", "disturbingly threatened" etc. etc., and my personal favourite: "reality"

And lets' cut the mustard here. You are not in the least "entertained", or "LOL", or anything else. You're disturbingly threatened, so you have to pretend to laugh it off and be amused, when nothing could be further from reality.

LOL! Yeah, can hardly sleep at night!!! You got me there, dude , LOL!!!!!

And the only reason you "dudes" even bother to read, and then respond is because to actually really, really do care....and way too much for your own good.

We know already that you're actually speaking about and describing yourself, so you don't need to make it THIS obvious. I'm sure you're proud to be in the list of "Top posters in the Leica Forum", Congratulations! LOL!!!

One last passing wind in your direction: I have never "secretly loved", or even moderately liked, any digital camera that Leica Solms has ever produced - ever!. I do openly "love" their a good deal of their optics and most of their far more worthwhile film cameras, but that is it.

If you want to be convincing, you're going to have to do way better than this. Again, if Somebody post as much, as long and as and passionately as you, it's obvious there are very strong feelings involved. Hey, no harm in that, we feel for you man.

Now go out and thoroughly enjoy you red dot branded bling and I'll enjoy my camera and the many thousands of $$$$ that I thankfully I didn't have to blow in unnecessarily trying to impress . And to better help you deal with your paper thin skin concerning others that are not so impressed with your particular equipment expenditures , well I'm sure that there is a super wealthy German industrialist that will gladly provide you a thicker, limited edition crocodile skin to keep you from feeling exposed - for a hefty extra 5K out of your bank account, of course.

No, NO, wait, does this mean you're going out to actually shoot photos instead of entertaining us here? I strongly object and protest! Please, do reconsider!

Oh well, I guess you're right, go out then, and do enjoy your "many thousands of $$$$"... I'm so glad you're not trying to impress anybody, good man! LOL!!!

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