Canon for video and Nikon for still?

Started Apr 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Compact40MP Regular Member • Posts: 171
Re: Canon for video and Nikon for still?

There is no reason to wait. I'll buy Nikon D800 now and keep Canon, too, if they change they strategy on stills. These equipment is not loosing its value very fast now. You can sell it in 12 or 18 months if you want to get back to Canon. For me, it's important that my equipment is up to date, no waiting.

Ferrari_Alex wrote:

It is not just about MKIII and D800, it is the overall strategy of Canon vs Nikon. All recent announcements from Canon are showing where their energy is going to be and it is Cinema.

This is why I asked this question.I think over time, still photographers will use Nikon and Video- Canon.

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