iPad 3 won't sync photos.

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Re: Not good enough for me or Apple.

OvinceZ wrote:

Photography is a huge hobby for me. I shoot with 3 DSLRs and do heaps of panoramas. I want a device I can show large photos on.

The majority of my photos would be fine if under 3000 pixels wide but many would not. This is a totally unacceptable restriction for me.

I have visited the local Apple store twice and no one knew of any sync problems. I would have to conclude they don't read the internet or have been instructed to say they haven't heard of this problem.

My frustrations continue and there is no solution in sight. What a total waste of my time. This is not at all what someone should have to endure trying to get his new device to work properly.



I tried to help but it sounds like you're too frustrated to accept the solution. You want it to do what you want it to do.

Any device has resolution limitations. If you asked me to email you an image to view on your screen would I send you a 21mp one ?

We also downsize images for viewing on the web.

The iPad 3 has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and the restriction of the 3000 limit is something to live with.

If you are into pixel peeping or are simply too lazy to run a batch resize across your images (or rather have your computer run a batch resize while you relax) then you clearly have the wrong product for your needs and should go get something else that'll take anything you want to throw at it.

Also, why the need to upload 1000s of images ?? Ask yourself really why.

I too have gotten frustrated with this device but at some times it has been my own lack of knowledge about the product.

I don't work for Apple at all (though at times it seems like I ought to !).

iTunes isn't as bad as everyone makes out (including me when I first starting using it about 2 weeks ago).

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