My 15-85mm seems a little soft - or am I expecting too much?

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Re: My 15-85mm seems a little soft - or am I expecting too much?

I found that the 15-85 was soft at spreeds at anything below 1/200 second. Ruined loads of pictures on a recent tour and asked for help in here. Eventually someone kindly explained that the IS takes a moment to settle down. In order to get around the problem I should do first press, then hold taking the picture for half/one second and then shoot. Thereby giving the IS time to settle.

I started doing this where possible and the results are pin sharp everytime. Over 1/200 second the spreed of the shutter tends to solve the problem by it's self. It was this inconsistantly that caused the problem to drag on for so long as naturally one minute it was perfect the next soft, and I couldn't understand why.

A lot of people have reported this lens as being so very sharp one minute and really soft the next. so it seems to be a fault effecting a lot of them. I did send it back to Canon and they made 'adjustments', but the problem remained, but then when they test it they may well take the photo under perfect conditions and give a second before final press.

Hope this helps

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