Leica R lenses via R to M adapter and A12 M-mount ?

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Re: Leica R lenses via R to M adapter and A12 M-mount ?

Mirrolessfullframe wrote:


Some interesting lines just caught my eyes. I was thinking of mounting a Zeiss planar f/1.4 50mm ZF.2, throught a Kipon Nikon F to Leica M adapte to the M module. Do you think the kipon adapter will do the job properly? Will the automation functions still work ie. the aperture priority mode function normally as they used to be with such an adapter?

My aim is to mount such a Zeiss lense to my GXR for today and still be able to mount this lense to my future FF upgrades, potentially one from Nikon. since it is being said Leica M to Nikon F is next to impossible, I figured that I could try Nikon F to Leica M.

Leica M to Nikon F mount is impossible ... the SLR mount is much deeper than the RF mount ... but the other way works just fine on the GXR. I have both fotodiox and kip on Nikon F to Leica M adapters and both work well.

The only thing that gets in the way now and then are the lens mount release and the AI coupling ridge on the Nikkor lenses. For some lenses, the lens mount release on the Kipon blocks you being able to go to full aperture. Same for the Fotodiox. I've modified the lens mount release on the Kipon to allow a clean fit (just had to reshape the lever a little bit to clear the coupling ridge).

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