New retectable m43 lense?

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Re: New retectable m43 lense?

Thanks very much for your answer.

Yes, now I saw amazon stars rating and it is very low.

The one that captured my attention was the eventual retractable 45-300.



Macx wrote:

They were announced in August, last year and are on the market. To my knowledge, both are decent, but not out-standing kit-level zooms in a compact package, but the short, retractable one has the serious problem that a lot of them are simply unusable at certain focal lengths and shutter times because of blurring / double imaging. Some of the lenses do not have this problem, but if you are looking for a lens like this, make sure you get it from a place where you can take it back or exchange it, if your particular lens has this problem.

Condor wrote:

How old or true is this information?


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