Shooting with two bodies

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Re: Shooting with two bodies

eNo wrote:

Anyone else resonate with this experience? How many of you shoot with 2 cameras, and if so, how do you feel about mixing bodies vs. having two that are the same?

On my outdoor photography forays I have 4 Sony a700s set up with 4 different lenses. Typically a macro, a mid range zoom, and two tele zooms of different lengths. But I also have a number of lenses along as well if needed. With age I cannot walk far so my Ranger is my camera case so no problem for room. It's definitely nice to have them all ready to shoot, I get more shots of active wildlife and such being able to grab and shoot. And being exactly the same body is even better than different bodies. I've a standard set of settings I normally leave all the bodies on so only have to make any special setting changes.

I do the same thing with support, tripods, monopods, shoulder mounts, window mounts, gimbals and all the rest are standardized to arca swiss style QR plates. Several tripods involved. That saves lots of time.

I'm absolutely spoiled, it would be awful to drop back to shooting only one body all the time.

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