Anyone here own both cameras - XP1 & OM-D

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Re: Anyone here own both cameras - XP1 & OM-D

As for the AF performance weakness that is being reported, I think people compare to the wrong cameras. The fuji is an AF view camera ie it has a viewfinder, which puts it in a different category than other current mirrorless, in fact there is no other camera in production to compare it to. I'm not a camera designer so I dont know what is the added complexity from the fact that the camera has a VF (possibly nothing at all), but I know that other cameras of the past in this category had AF speed which was nothing to write home about. Like the Contax G, Fuji GA645 and 645zi, the Hexar AF, none of them had SLR-grade AF. So I knew what to expect from the moment the Xpro1 was announced.

IMO what people should be complaining about is that these other cameras in the category had active infrared systems that helped them focus faster in low light (in the Contax G2 it was used as a secondary system, in the Hexar AF it was the primary AF system). I'd love to see that added if there is ever an Xpro2.

Could the current AF system on the XP1 been better? or be improved with FU? I dont know, like I said I'm not a designer, but I know that until there is another mirrorless camera with a VF the fuji is alone in the category and any comparisons to other current cameras are probably somewhat irrelevant: if you want an AF view camera there is only this and the x100 with similar AF. Therefore I think the best approach is to put comparisons aside, try one for a couple of days and judge for yourself if AF is fast enough for your specific needs and shooting habbits. If not, look elsewhere for your next camera. There is lovely image quality from many cameras these days.

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