Sorry but I need to say it

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Re: Sorry but I need to say it

zaurus wrote:

cmorse wrote:

It may not cut it for you, however its the first thing any pet owner does when they get a new camera. The camera's cost is irrelevant. The quality of the picture is irrelevant. The first thing done is to point the camera at the cat with no concern for lighting, composition, or interest. Its a force on nature in and of itself. If you try to fight against it you'll accomplish no more than you would slamming your head into a wall.

This is 100% correct.

For instance, it is just common knowledge stray pets in the US are treated way better than homeless people.
Better cared for, better accounted for. Not looked at as parasites.

Are you saying that it have been better for homeless, if they were caught, put in cages in a shelter, offered for adoption, and euthenized?

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