Do you own E-M5 and GH2?

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Re: I"ve read the thread and agree with some posters. Why not buy both?

Travis wrote:

Condor wrote:

Hi Travis,

Not interested in helping us with any of the 3 pending tests/samples?

I'm pretty sure that you could perform a very good wide format camparison tests, comments included.

Your persistence is either admirable or intrusive, I just haven't decided which yet... lol No, I don't mind you asking, but I very much doubt I'll get to this any time soon. I've been stuck indoors the last few days (first with because of bad weather, and now because I haven't felt well). And when I do get a chance to go outdoors, it will be to fully enjoy the first experience with my new camera, not to do any kind of technical comparison. I already anecdotally know that the OMD is producing cleaner images than my GH2, but I'm not here to prove anything. I hope you find the comparison you're looking for, but unfortunately, it likely won't be by me...



Thanks anyway, at least I'm sure that your first comparative comments were really helpfull for a lot of silent members and visitors who are looking for objective information to make their minds about present top of the line m43 bodies.

I'm prety sure we will find some member who could spent some minutes to take some comparative shots and post them in benefit of the rest of us.



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