U.S. plans to provide Israel with $680 million in funding for Iron Dome.

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Re: Another example of fiscal hypocrisy.

taintedcamera wrote:

Collett wrote:

Another example of fiscal hypocrisy by US Republicans. When it comes to tax breaks for the rich, economic favors for multinational corporations, 'defense' spending, bribe money to our dictator & Saudi-type Muslim fundamentalist allies, etc.

If you think this is a US Republicans issue, then you getting your news and ideas from the wrong sources.

This double standard irks me.

Perhaps the shield is money well spent - but why by the US taxpayer I ask? Well, I think we all know the answer.

Another example of fiscal hypocrisy.... California!

California a predominately Liberal state, alone spends over 10.5 Billion dollars yearly educating 923,000 students of illegal immigrant parents, out of a 72 Billion dollar budget for all it's students throughout the State. The US as a whole spends around 45 Billion annually for the 3.7 million children of illegal immigrant parents.

Now I don't have a problem with helping the whole nation of Israel defend themselves with 680 Million, with a 'M' dollars. And I especially don't have a problem spending only 45 Billion, with a 'B' dollars, educating the children of Illegal Citizens, and the future youth of America.

But what irks me, is that not one of the many dip-$hits here would ever bring up the fact that Illegal Immigrants pay absolutely nothing into the system while getting a free ride with other social services as well. All on the backs of the American taxpayers. Yet, it's a big deal to all of you for the US government to provide means of survival for the good people of Israel, the means of one day saving their lives, and the Nation of Israel.

More people from Israel live in the US, than they do in their rightful land of Israel. And they pay more than their share of taxes here in the US. 100% more per person, than any Illegal Immigrant ever will.

The money spent in Israel gets paid back to us in many ways...

Interesting. How does that money get paid back to us?

Do you know that Israel is one of the richest countries in the world?

Please tell me why the U.S. gives them monetary aid? And remember one thing; this 680 million is only a drop in the bucket. We actually give Israel billions of dollars per year in aid.


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