Can I get a vote on these 4 cameras?

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Re: Can I get a vote on these 4 cameras?

Pocho wrote:

Hi everyone.

I've researched a bunch of cameras and have tried (by borrowing)
several. I've narrowed it down to 4 possibilities under $1000. But
I can't decide! They are:
Minolta Dimage 7i
Minolta Dimage 7hi
Nikon Coolpix 5700
Sony DCS-F717
My priority features are: Effective resolution, sensor type, ISO
sensitivity, Zoom, Auto focus accuracy, multiple formats for
uncompressed and extra fine option for compressed format, and
battery life.
I mainly take pictures outdoors, often far away, and often of
people who are moving. I also print at 1440 and 2880, in some cases
(very few) for fine art photos to sell.
Soooo.... of those 4, which one do you think is the best value
based on current prices?

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I owned the D7ug and F707 so my opinion is based on actual use not just internet research.

I liked the controls and the WA lens on the Minolta, but the battery life was the pits. The picture quality was good. It is an ugly camera. The D7i and 7Hi are improved over the D7ug.

I liked the sharpness of the images, the shot to shot speed, battery life and low light capability, auto focus speed and accuracy, and macro capability. It too is an ugly camera. I think the Sony has got the best lens available, bar none. The F717 is an improvement over the F707.

Build quality is better on the Sony.

Can't speak for the Nikon 5700, but I loved my CP990, at the time.

Its a tough choice, but if I had to choose only one of these four, it would be the Sony, despite the memory stick limitations.

BTW I love my Fuji S2Pro.


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