E-M5 - first tests with falling drops

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Thank you all very much!

E-M5 on a tripod and wired to an off-camera flash that was aimed against a white wall right behind the "dropping zone". I took a baking-pan, filled it with water, hung a water filled plastic bag with a tiny hole inside from a table lamp above the baking-pan. The whole rest was made up of getting the right angle, focus, composition, flash intensity,... and luck concerning the drops.

Nothing fancy, anyone can do that at home.

E-M5, f/11, 1/250 sec, RAW

Lens used was the Zuiko 50mm Macro, but any lens of about that focal length will do it as long as it is able to focus close enough (even the mZuiko 45/1.8 works good enough for this). The critical and limiting part is not the sharpness of the lens, but getting the focus right and freezing the action good enough.

Thank you all for commenting on my shot!

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