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Re: Brief summary of the 2 issues

Louis is correct. Did you watch my video all the way through? It starts clattering and interference lines cover the image. It does the same thing any time it's on, video or not. Many times, it will crash the camera if left in that configuration. It has absolutely nothing to do with the memory card. One other member replicated the problem on his camera as well in another thread, so I'm not alone with this issue either, unfortunately.

My thoughts are that perhaps there's supposed to be a mechanical stop which prevents the sensor from getting too close to the edges and, in some cases, it's not doing its job so the sensor gets out of it's magnetic parameters causing it to oscillate violently. For mine, it only happens beyond 90 degrees either way. Just a theory anyway. For others, it happens even when upright.

I still need to talk with Olympus...I was planning on doing that Monday.


MichaelT wrote:


There are 2 separate issues (at least)...

1 - The crash problem that only a few of us have, which shuts down the camera upon startup. Unless you use my workaround, you cannot use the camera. (you must turn the camera ON with the lens facing the up to the sky or down to the floor). The camera also shuts down if the IBIS is activated when shooting stills, and the sensor does a 2Hz full excursion during movie activation.

2 - The problem that you have (and I suspect is simply a performance issue with ALL copies of the camera), is some "glitching" during the shooting of movies. it may have to do with card speed or other issues. yet to be determined.

My video shows the failure mode (turn on) and the glitch mode (movies). I have no problems using the camera as long as I turn it on with the lens up or down, and the IBIS is OFF so that it does not get activated. I do not shoot movies, so i cannot speak to that other than my test on the video.

My video is here:

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