D800 Focusing issue according to Nikon own instructions

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Thakur Dalip Singh
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Re: D800 Focusing issue according to Nikon own instructions

I like your suggesion but Pl see this also.
"Nikon D800 – “Should I upgrade?”

Is your technique refined enough to get the quality from 36mp you are expecting? A number of D800 users have, in just this short time, realized that to get the most out of the D800 you need impeccable technique. Hand-held shots do not seem to be as sharp as they were with 12mp because even the smallest of movements are now being recorded. Diffraction at f/16 and f/22 is more noticeable. You may find that working on a tripod becomes the norm when using the D800 – would you be happy with that? You may also find (as other D800 users have) that each lens will need its autofocus fine-tuned. As well, many D800 users are making active use of live view for focussing. Are you prepared for that kind of precision?"

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