D4 - Warning Bird Video!

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Re: D4 - Warning Bird Video!

very nice video!

For more of a film look double the framerate for shutter works well, but in this case I wonder if it would make this video better. You will get a lot more motion blur, which is helpful when panning and stuff, but this subject matter has a lot of fast tiny motions which will be lost.

So I like it as it is
Good demonstration of the sharpness of the D800, looks very good.

And some hollywood filmmakers are shooting 48p, for smoother motion, it was a golden rule and technical requirement, now the framerate can be used for creative/narrative expression (gladiator uses fast shutter speed to enhance the action bits). So the question is what do you want to show and tell? And which settings convey it the best. I think you did a great job actually.

D800 looking very very good, the resolution can come in handy for timelapses and the low noise / dr headroom for correcting. Ding ding, nikon is back

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