Do you ever have banding on your LCD?

Started Apr 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
skillet01 Forum Member • Posts: 91
Re: Do you ever have banding on your LCD?

Hi Gail,

If the office had fluorescent lighting, that could be the cause. Some types of fluorescent lights "flicker" at a frequency of 60 to 120hz - just fast enough that you don't see it, but your camera's sensor can. During the time the LCD is refreshing, it can be getting a combo of light and dark from the lights, causing a beat effect that would look like your picture. You can simulate the same thing by putting your S100 in Auto mode, point it at an LCD TV (refresh rate usually 60-240hz) and then half press the shutter. Be sure the whole frame is filled with the TV light. It will show rolling bars and/or other flicker artifacts.

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