sigma 30mm vs kit lens...not even close

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Re: sigma 30mm vs kit lens...not even close

Miwok wrote:

For me, I'm not going to buy a fixed 30mm f2.8, because I'm sure than soon, Sony will offer a 35mm 1.8 and probably a fast zoom 2.8.
So I just prefer waiting few more months.
I don't need a 16, 19, 24, 30, 35 and 50mm, 3 of them is enough for me

This is how I feel. I went to my local shop, which has the Sigma in stock, and tried it out. I liked the look and feel of the lens, but f2.8 isn't a huge leap, and lack of OSS might erode that difference a bit. Even if it is sharp, many of the photos I took in the store were pretty blurry around 1/40, whereas I can easily do 1/20 with kit lens. I had intended to buy it when I walked in, but decided against it after testing.

It's still very nice and extremely tempting, but if Sony did come out with a 35mm f1.8 with OSS and the nice metal finish, I would without a doubt want that one instead... which would mean I'd have wasted money on the Sigma.

For once in my life, I'm actually being patient about something!

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