Something wrong here?

Started Apr 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
bernieraffe Contributing Member • Posts: 556
Look at the lighting

In actual fact, in terms of lighting, the 3rd shot of the large group is probably the best (especially after it's been tweaked a little by the previous poster). The light on the children's faces is much better than the other groups.

Look at the light on the faces of the other groups, they're in the full glare of the sun, squinting so you can can't see their eyes (girl in the 1st shot even had to cover her eyes!). They also have very hard shadows on their faces.

It would have been better to shoot with the sun behind them and to increase your exposure a little to compensate (taking care not to get the sun in the lens)

Oops, just seen the other posts and this has already been mentioned!! Apologies.


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