Nikon DSLR+1 lens for £1,200 for landscape/walkaround

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Re: Nikon DSLR+1 lens for £1,200 for landscape/walkaround

Thank you, exactly the kind of help I was looking for.

To answer some of your questions...

I probably take 80% of my photo while on holiday, which is usually wildlife and scenery in the national parks in the western US.

I used to have 5D, 450D, 12-24, 20, 24-105, 50, 70-300, I had the best camera and lens that I could afford to take any photo, and it was a nightmare. Changing lenses in snow, or with fine red sand blowing around, before the shot is missed was for me just too stressful while I'm trying to relax and enjoy my holiday.

So I reduced my kit to the 5D + 24-105 and the 7D + 100-400, (I kept the 50, but rarely use it). I now have more weight round my neck, but less stress.

So I could easily swap the 5D + 24-105 to a Nikon system.

Image quality and auto focus are far more important to me than video, Canon always used to have the edge at higher ISO, but Nikon seems to have taken the lead on the high end models. To what extent would you expect the performance at high ISO to be replicated lower down the range?

From what you have said I should really wait for the new Nikons to come out before making my decision, but that doesn't really fit with my 2 weeks in canada at he start of June.

The 16-85 seems to be the obvious choice for a walkaround lens, do you have any experice of using it? I'd expect (given it's pricing) that it would be a step down in quality from the 24-105 L, what are it's weaknesses?

Thanks again for your help.


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