Sony SLT-A57 video test results so far...

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Re: Sony SLT-A57 video test results so far...

dandoro wrote:

BackToSlr wrote:

Take the lens out, there is a little clip press that and the mirror pops out. Dont touch it, or it is toast. use gloves and pincers to remove it.



And how can you put it back?

opposite of how u took it out. the end furthest inside the camera, near the cmos, slides under a small lip and the other end just needs a slight push to settle back in place. pay attention to the orientation when u first take it out, bc it is not a symetrical mirror. there is a little grove on one end of the mirror that goes downward and towards the ccd when placed correctly. just pay attention when u take it out. there is a good youtube video showing this, do a search for slt mirror removal i think, but yea dont touch the mirror on the surface, its near impossible to clean.

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