Is here ANYONE who tested it properly (D800/D4 AF problem)

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Re: Is here ANYONE who tested it properly (D800/D4 AF problem)

Bearing in mind that I do not yet have a D800 and therefore not in a position to test it by any means I make one observation.

Whatever target you use, whatever method you use to test the AF, if you can demonstrate a large difference between the AF behaviour of the leftmost focusing point and the rightmost focusing point then there has to be something wrong with either the camera or the lens. If a whole range of lenses tested with the same camera give the same result then the blame moves to the camera.

I can perfectly well understand that there may be a huge difference between the performance of the centre and side focusing sensors and yet be perfectly normal and even acceptable but a major difference between left and right has to be a fault whatever the test method.
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