Am I mad ?.....

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Re: Am I mad ?.....

Markymark1 wrote:

please let me know !...... all my instincts say wait until Canon say something official !........ but my heart & desire are slowly pulling me towards taking myself & my card to my local camera store to get me a 5d3 tommorrow, so I can shoot till my hearts content with my first full frame digital SLR !.....from the images I'm seeing, the light leak issue is fading daily in importance & has now become a non issue......last week though , I was so strong & determined not to buy the 5d3 but alas, I am slowly weakening.....& the 36mp hype which admittedly I got caught up is also out of my system.....I really love canon & the images from the 5d3 are more than good enough for me.....I think I will enjoy the noticable difference in quality from my t2i.....should I Wait or Buy?......anyone with or without the 5d3, what would you do.

I would say got to the shop en buy that great camera.

I'm still waiting for my first FF (5D MK III) DSLR. Last week the camerashop told me the camera will probably come next week. Boring becaus i go on holiday to France next week without my 5D MKIII.

I hoped it would be delivered on time but no.

It doesn't matter what other people say or think about the camera, they don't pay mine so i get one and will have a lot of fun with it while they are still arguing about a light leak or whatever. If i didn't trust it i would'nt buy one.

Like i said get one and have fun with your 5D MK III.

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