D800 local dealer, todays delivery "Gary Camera" must read!!!

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Re: Bull-crap!

SheerPhoto wrote:

You could not have been second in line, because they told me I was......seriously. I was on their list for both the D800 and D4. I also called several times, and was told that they have never receieved any bodies yet. And I have seen their ads for both cameras on Ebay for in excess of $ 1,000.00 OVER RETAIL. I too will no longer trade with this company. I also needed two lenses as well......which I will get else where. They should at least have been honest with folks on their waiting list, and said they were not going to honor those waiting. "Honor" being the key word here, which I feel this dealer has none. This will definately hurt their sales over the long term, no doubt.

It would be nice if there were a website tracking such practices. I've purchased from Gary Camera in the past...based on this, that won't happen again. That is also why I will not buy from Cameta Camera. Just price gouge yourselves out of business... If Nikon has their "MAP" pricing policy, there ALSO needs to be a clause in there to keep consumers from being gouged by "authorized" (to gouge??) dealers.

FWIW, B&H is (again) clean as a whistle in this regard.

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