***Mini-challenge Winners: People and Music***

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***Mini-challenge Winners: People and Music***

Thanks to all who entered this mini-challenge. I love picking a topic for a mini but kinda "dislike" judging because there a just too many excellent entries from which to choose.

A standing ovation for all participants!

The world of music is so varied that I had no set criteria in mind at the onset for judging photos (except the human element). However one jumped out at me as I studied each submission: the photo vicariously drew me (and perhaps you) into the experience captured by the camera. I did not put a priority on technical "perfection" such as a focus and exposure though good composition and lighting, while not required, were a plus.

I've had a very difficult time making selections but here goes.

Honorable Mention: (listed in no particular order)

gromero > In the moment:

You could not have picked a better title. Both the musician and the viewer are drawn into the "moment." The monochromatic red lighting adds excitement to the photo. And that hair.....

ManaPunkin > Free Central Park Concert:

I didn't select this photo because of the celebrities but because it makes me feel like I was at the concert. It captures the many aspects of a music concert that attendees experience and what music lovers are willing the endure (crowds, police scrutiny, inclement weather).

Don_D > Tuning his Fiddle:

It's difficult to put into words why the photo of this elderly fiddler is so compelling. It makes me ask a lot of questions. Instead of listing mine, take a long look at the photo, especially his face. I bet a lot of questions run through your mind, too.

averagjoe > Ben:

Joe creatively added music to this shot, however I visited it a couple of times with the music turned off so I could judge it only as a photo. It's a fun shot, with good lighting and composition. I didn't feel Ben was conscious of being photographed (even if he was) but joe captured the side glance towards the audience that piano players often do.

Colleen > Carl "Safe Sax" Ferris:

Great capture. The musician seems so into his music that I doubt he's even aware of his surroundings. I can practically hear the sound of the saxophone.

Don Gargano > Love Song:

There is an intimacy about this photo, as if I was sitting in the audience listening to the melody. Lovely front and back-lighting as well as composition.

jonrobertp > aw167:

This animated young lady makes me feel very uplifted. If I were sitting in the audience I'd be thumping my foot and, perhaps, clapping to the music. The photo was taken at an interesting angle.

Third place:

Stephenbw > I should be so Leckey:

A stunning photo in all its simplicity. Beautiful composition and lighting. Even though this takes place in a art gallery, it makes a strong statement music and one of the means we listen to it.

Second place: (tie)

Photodug > Garage Deluxe:

There is on terrific shot: great lighting, great angle, and great capture of the stance of the musician. Don'tcha just love the hole in the jeans!

Marti58 > Entry #1:

Can't you feel the passion and intensity of the player of this beautiful accordion! She was captured at just the right moment and at a very appealing angle.

First place:

Jacek Dolata > Morning coffee with violin:

The composition and lighting make this look very classical even though the violin player is performing at a breakfast table (my assumption based on the title). It shows the passion of a young person who is serious about music. Lovely.

Congratulations Jacek and to all the winners!

Jacek, we look forward to your topic for the next mini-challenge.

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