X10 vs. G1X (not S100)

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... if doing normal sized prints ...

... then get the X10 and don't look back - yes the G1x has a larger sensor, X10 faster lens but it's like the Canon G10 deal - if you print large then you may see the difference but otherwise in normal sized prints it likely will not matter. The X10 is very good from my experience with it and hopefully if Fuji nixes the orb issue it will be almost perfect IMO. Also most people underestimate how nice an f/2-2.8 lens can be.

Joel Stern wrote:

This is what I want to hear about. I handled both, they both feel good, the fuji is very nice and light though and I like the F stops as you zoom better and the manual zoom. I do not have enough images to compare and the shopkeeper did not set the cameras up the same. I hate to bring both in knowing one or both have to go back. I have gotten some feedback on the Canon forum (a nice civil forum I might add) but am looking for the Fuji user slant (and if you have both even better).


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