E-M5 vs Nikon D3200 (24mp)

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Re: What do you think of the pics?

The OP is not asking a genuine question, he is trolling.

As for the Samsung - the pictures look fine, but they are not stretching the camera in my view...

Jorginho wrote:

I noted the EVF, dealbreaker for me too, but how about the pics? Besidfes, the NX20 is right around the corner, will be expensive at first but probably wil drop in price in 3-6 months. And that does have a viewfinder, the same if not better IQ.

The lenses? Samsung has some high quality glass comparable to the top m43 cglass currently. Not as much though and, another dealbreaker for me: it is bigger and heavier with that APS-c sensor behind it. However: if low ISO IQ is what you like, you want to have a smaller size than an DSLR I thinkt the Samsung is worth considering.

Samsiung has been slow comparetively with new bodies, but the lens line up is okey and was more sensible in many aspects than the m43s limneup. One aspect was more problematic: delivery dates and availability. Samsung has rarely lived up to those expectations. Delays delays delays...

A mixed bag, but if an EVF is important OP could buy the NX20 and if not the NX200 seems a very reasonable APS-c alternative to the D3200. A last note: if action shooting is important of course no m43 or Samsung system camera can come close to the D3200.

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