Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

Started Apr 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
David Grabowski Veteran Member • Posts: 7,291
Re: Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

Just a FYI, most Epsons run at a file resolution of 360PPI best or an integer there of ( 180, 720 etc.). A lot of people use 300PPI, it's a misnomer that 300 is the ideal. That is unless something has changed with Epsons lately !

When I was using my R800, which I have not used now in several years I might add, I stopped using GO and sprayed my prints with various products.. I used an acrylic for photo prints and or lacquer to good effect. Just FWIW. It does stink though so don't do it in a tight appartment space or some such thing.

I still lacquer my canvas mounts if I don't use a product like Glamour II.

Bright Guy wrote:

They work pretty well with OEM gloss optimizer. The problem is with the Inkjetfly GO. Regarding to the resolution, I'm not talking about the printer settings, but image file.

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