Sony NEX-5n vs Nikon D5100

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Re: probably D5100 and that is whyn D5100

I'm currently researching about pretty much the same thing. My D70 died a while back, and I have a few Nikon lenses kicking about.

Despite having loved my Nikon experience, I'm leaning toward the NEX=5N for what I've discovered to be a reason that not many people seem to have noticed:

Despite the limited availability of E-mount lenses, the NEX-5N, 7, and all the other NEX cameras with the focus peaking functionality make it ridiculously easy to use any manual focus lens out there with the purchase of a relatively inexpensive adaptor, including a huge back catalogue of Voightlander, Leica, Minolta, Pentax or what have you, each with their own unique abilities.

It's not manual focus, but with focusing becoming this easy (basically anything in focus is highlighted in colour), the tradeoffs are huge.

For my purposes, excellent high ISO results and access to such lenses, not to mention the size and form factor of the camera make it extremely compelling.

Another camera I've been considering is the new Olympus OM-D. However, for an additional $300 (body only). For that money, you buy a EVF, better build, better selection of lenses, in-body IS, better ergonomics, comparable size.

However, one thing I'm not clear on is the effect of the smaller sensor on DoF. I've read a few threads, but it still isn't clear to me whether I'd obtain a similar depth of field with a say f/1.8 on the NEX vs a 4/3 sensor...

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