iPad 3 won't sync photos.

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Re: iPad 3 won't sync photos. - THE SOLUTION....

OvinceZ wrote:

Talk about frustrating and disappointing. New iPad doesn't sync all photos or albums. This isn't only my problem as others are equally disappointed with the tablet. I have the iPad 1 & 2 as well but bought the latest for the better screen resolution and more accurate colours. Tried several 'fixes' to no avail. Wireless transfer apps don't work, either. I ended up with photos mixed up in different folders which was totally unacceptable so had to delete all albums and photos.

Some blame iTunes which seems to be the problem. I dislike having to sync through iTunes as it is a royal pain at the best of times.

If Samsung releases their 11.6 inch Galaxy tablet I will buy that. The iPad 3 will be returned because I can't use it to show people my photos.


Hi Vince,

I totally feel (felt) your pain.

I am very new to Apple, thinking they were everything Microsoft are not (I'm very PC literate) and for me too I have had nothing but extreme frustration since purchasing the iPad 3, which had never been present in me with technology before - well, not since the Windows 3.1 days....

Thanks to your message, I spent 4.5hrs of my Saturday on the phone alone trying to sort this out with Apple technical Support......

We finally got there.......

In my case, my photos weren't syncing because of their longest length being greater than 3000 pixels (this has very recently been documented by Apple as a known issue).

Delete your images off your iPad, Make sure you delete the iPod cache folders in all your photo folders you wish to sync and have done so in the past, and resize your images on export (using Lightroom, say) - limiting their longest size to no greater than 3000 pixels.

I'm confident this will work for you.

If that doesnt, it might be worth you deleting your iCloud account as this has been the issue for others as well (see Apple support forums on Apple's website).

But definitely the 3000 pixel limitation is the first port of call.

I do thank you for your post because if I hadn't read it, okay, I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do yesterday but i did solve ONE BIG iPad issue that nearly had me, like you, want to return it to them, had i not solved this yesterday, I would still be a very, very disgruntled Apple user.

Hope that helps.

Let us know how you get on.

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Kind regards,


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