Billingham Hadley for my Nex

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Re: Billingham Hadley for my Nex

I have both. For the NEX, I would recommend the Hadley Small, because is much lighter than the pro. Both of the can fit an IPad 2 on the back, although if you have some sort of case or thick cover other than Apple's smart covers or equivalent it may be a tight fit in the Small. In the Small I carry the NEX-7 with either the Sigma 30 or the Sony 30 macro attached plus the kit lens, 135mm and 50mm legacy lenses with their adapters attached, and an IPad 2 with smart cover on the back. There is also plenty of room for stuff in the front pockets.

ROmihai wrote:

Hi guys,

I am looking online for the past 2 months to buy a new camera bag. I recently bumped into a review site that presented Billingham bags and I found the perfect bag for me. The problem now is the size...

Hadley small or pro?

What it will hold?

Sony nex5 + 18-55 (to be replaced with nex7 in the near future) + 16mm + fisheye adapter+ 55-210 and maybe a sigma 30mm + ipad2

As far as I have seen on the internet the hadley small should be sufficient.

Unfortunately I can't find Billingham bags in my country so I am stuck on ordering online (next year I will be in London but I don't want to wait that long..)., it would have been much easier to go to a store and see for myself.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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