Can you justify having both a 28 and 35 Zeiss?

Started Apr 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP smurillo21 New Member • Posts: 18
Re: It looks like you just did

Yes, I have looked at some zooms specially the 24-70L.

Like what erick4x4 said, I'm trying to stay with Zeiss so that I have lenses that can render color equally along all focal lengths. For photography this is not a big deal, but for video it is. It would be horrible for me to edit a scene with shots that have different color to them. Of course I can always fix this in post production, but it is a pain specially when I need to get both shots looking the exact same. Another reason for not going with Canons is because of their mediocre manual focusing (compared to the Zeiss).

So, yes Zeiss is a must for video. I am leaning more towards the 28 since it lies right in between the 21 and 35. Another option could be to sell my 21 and get a 25 and 18 set.

What I just wanted to know is that if their is any noticeable difference between the 28 and 35? The 28 is wider, but I'm worried I could easily achieve the same wide shot with the 35 by moving one or two steps back.

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