If you have Lumix G3 or GX1 and Fujifilm Xpro, why?

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Re: If you have Lumix G3 or GX1 and Fujifilm Xpro, why?

Wow, tough question. Both very good cameras.

Pros and cons :

1. GX1 quite a bit smaller, so my wife carries it routinely in her bag. She wouldn't carry the X-Pro1 (I do carry it, but not in a handbag).

2. GX1 can be operated by a novice quite easily.

3. GX1 auto-foxus is faster.

4. X-Pro1 has much more accurate auto-focus.

5. GX1 video is quick and easy to use. I haven't even tried the video on the X-Pro1. Which probably tells you more about me than the camera - I like stills shooting a lot, and video less.

6. Both have 16MP sensors but the X-Pro1 lacks a blur-inducing anti-aliasing filter (used to eliminate moire) and as a result has a much higher ultimate resolution than the GX1.

7. X-Pro1 works very well at high ISO, GX1 less so.

8. Personally I think both GX1 and X-Pro1 have good or very good handling, but with very different control mechanisms and control layouts. X-Pro1 is a rangefinder. If you like that it's great, if you don't its awful.

9. GX1 has a wider range of lenses available (X-Pro1 has only three admittedly well chosen fixed focal length lenses).

10. GX1 has a range of adapters for attaching non-Panasonic lenses. Hopefully lens adapters will be available for the X-Pro1 soon.

11. Both produce nice colours (although different). Colour is another great topic! Easy to modify after the shot is taken, but of course you can't really re-creaste what you have not captured. Colour is also highly dependent on the quality of the lens you are using. X-Pro1 colours seem nicer to me, with something of Fuji's great reputation for skin tones coming through.

Image quality is the "killer" feature for the X-Pro1 - that is what you are really paying for. IQ is simply amazing. In my opinion better than the Canon EOS 5D III from the samples I have seen. You need only compare the images from the X-Pro1 attached to the preview on this website and Canon's own promotional images for the EOS 5D III to see what I mean. The Canon's images are highly "worked" (possibly over-worked) and look great, although to me quite artificial and quite typical of digital images (good if you like it that way). Those from the preview gallery of the X-Pro1 (look especially at the portraits) are much much more natural and to me, "nicer".

So X-Pro1 - unusual camera with outstanding IQ. GX1, smaller, easy to use, lots of lenses available, good IQ, video.

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