**Winners - Mini-Challenge 324 - Part of the Whole**

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**Winners - Mini-Challenge 324 - Part of the Whole**

Thanks to everyone who participated in "Part of the Whole." There were many good examples of what this challenge called for

It's hard to decide on criteria for what photos go in the winners thread. How many HMs should there be? A percentage of entries; a fixed number not to exceed XX ? And what determines the top three? The best representations for the challenge; the most technically correct photos? Should there be ties? There are no guidelines so each host must decide these things on his/her own. Here are my choices simply based on the spirit of fun these MCs are meant to be

Honorable Mentions in no specific order:

L.Cline – Chair stem, grip and haul rope (my title)

Having built ski lifts I could really relate to these simple components of the entire chairlift. I like the color and lighting. Very different with the black background instead of sky, and that made your subject stand out. Inside perhaps?

Highpriest – Classic Rifles

Part of one rifle, and part of a whole set of rifles. Good fit for the challenge. Looks like quite a focusing challenge too.

Leroyvanhee – Door part

I love old, run down structures. It’s fun to imagine the history they contain. This one makes me wonder what’s behind the latch and what the rest of this old place looks like.

Sueanne – Farmall

You either maintain the cleanest equipment and barn in the country, or this was at a farm show. Nice one Sueanne.

Jacekdolata – The band

I like the balance, monotone and graininess. All good fits for this shot. Well done.

Oilman – A bit different interpretation

Best “different interpretation.” (Every MC should have one, right?) A little different than what I had in mind, but hey, it fits. No question about who your subject is

Imqqmi – Musical instrument (my title)

Not exactly sure what this is, but I think it’s something musical. A fine shot of hmm…piano maybe? It surely prods one’s interest to wonder what lies outside this frame. Those alluring eyes in your second photo draws you in too. Nice!

Brightcolours – Part of the World

Best small part of the largest whole! I liked the amanita and horse’s eye too, but this captures part of a much grander scale.

Jacobr9827 – IMG-1695

By framing just a very small part of the whole scene here, this shot brings forth powerful suggestions. Maybe sadness, or deep thoughts. The photo is darker which adds to the mood I sense here. Good background bokeh too so no distractions. Well captured, Jacob!

Janzu77 – Part of a whisker

Best closest part of the whole. At first read I thought these were facial whiskers (but no, on a green face??). You got me there, lol. Good one Janne.

WilbaW – Cat’s Eye (my title)

This one really caught my eye. (No pun intended—well, maybe a little.) Love the selective focus, colors, and the super clarity of the eye. Gobsmacking, as I believe they say it down under! And please enlighten us on what your first photo is of.

And the top three are:

3rd Place
Iron Mike – Part of the Whole 1

All three of yours fit the challenge well but this was my favorite. What does the rest of this look like? What does it symbolize? What story does it tell? Those were the questions that came up when I first saw it. I’ve always been fascinated with stories and lore of Canada’s past. It just drew me in, as a photo should. Great job on the B&W too.

2nd Place
Stillwater67 – Ship sail

Your symbols and train car shots are really good. But I liked this one best. To me this single close-up view captures the subject’s environment of season and place, and makes me want to see the rest of this ship. Very well done!

1st Place
Greg1701 – Hot air balloon

This is a fine shot of a view that most of us won’t ever see. Great perspective and framing. The more I enlarged it, looked at the fabric, rope lines, colors, circular patterns and translucent lighting, the more I liked it. Cool (hot?) subject. Congratulations Greg. The next challenge is yours!

Thanks again to everyone who rose to the Challenge and shared their photos!

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