Do you own E-M5 and GH2?

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Re: Do you own E-M5 and GH2?

That said, your comment about the GH2 being a well-thought-out camera is ironically the same way I felt about the OMD once I read the manual and got comfortable with the controls. I'm not saying the GH2 is NOT designed well, but I'm finding the OMD to be more enjoyable to use and operate.

I'm hoping I'll feel the same way about mine once I get more experience with it (and get the accessory grip... I suspect that will help a lot.)

I agree that the E-M 5's articulating LCD is a better arrangement when you're shooting low-angle horizontals; one thing that annoys me about the GH2 is that in this situation you have to swing the LCD out to the side, where it's always getting tangled in the neckstrap. On the other hand, the E-M 5's tilt system is useless if you're shooting verticals, while the GH2's LCD tilt works fine for this. I guess what we all want is an all-way screen like the one on the Sony A77, although of course that's a much bigger camera!

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