Why I chose Canon

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Re: Why I chose Canon

The simple fact is that people are built to be tribal. Mac v. PC, Arsenal v. Manchester United, Canon v. Nikon: people treat these like survival depends on backing the winner. It doesn't. And "winner" is relative.

I appreciate your reminder that we are working in rarified heights compared to out old film body/lens combinations. As much as I wanted that Rolli or Hasselblad, I was on a Minolta ST budget and stayed that way until my recent retirement resulted in more discretionary funds.

I started Canon based on the Powershot G series, and vowed to stay away for SLRs because I know what my OCD would do in terms of collecting glass. Didn't last long. And the lenses I bought (with careful attention to the off chance I would be able to go full frame someday) have me locked in Canon's ecosystem. I had a windfall that gave me the option to go 5D: thought about the 5D2, but got the 5d3 because I could. And an elegant bit of kit it is proving to be.

I do wish that DPR comments didn't have so many soccer hooligans in the comments section. But that's the internet.

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