D200 and AF 80-200 2.8 ED Push pull 1st version

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i love that lens..

I got it off ebay for 350 about 8yrs ago, and even today it is an incredibly sharp cookie at all zoom ranges and even at f2.8

I tried replacing it with a 2ring version, which seems sharp too but somehow I am having second thoughts about it. There is some strange/extra contrast and extra shallow dof that the push pull is giving me along with reliable sharpness. I will keep both until I get the D800E and if the performance is good, I might just let go the 2ring version. I have pretty sturdy hands when shooting, so VR doesn't really appeal to me at 2k more, even though I have encountered quite a few situations when VR would have certainly helped.

Anyway that lens with D200, it is even more magical.. (note the zoom range)

Cytokine wrote:

I found a really good condition example off E bay for very little, considering the price of (here-say) £1500 when launched in the late 80's, early 90's. And Contrary to what is said:

a) The optics are as clean as some new (out of the box) lenses after twenty years of use, so pumping dust myth, is to my mind busted.

b) The Autofocus while slow to cover the full range in a 'cap on' test, is actually quite fast from target to target at least on a D200.

c) The lens has the same optics as the next two versions so optical qualities are well known.

This lens is the lightest of the 70/80-200 family and using the lens hand held, photographing seagulls was great fun. I have mounted the lens and camera directly to a tripod, with the use of a remote switch which is OK on the D200, but would not do this on a plastic body camera, (for use in landscape mode only). Also be warned that at 2.8 the depth of field is very thin. (best focussed manually at 2.8 at close distances, manual focus however is a joy on this lens. Here are some photos, all taken at f2.8 except man and hawk, which is f3.3 and the hawk is still not in focus! Most are cropped.

A crop of the above:

Like the 50mm 1.4, this lens takes time to learn how to use, but hopefully I will get better!!


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