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Re: I could see it being quicker than that...

I don't believe Canon was uncertain of the demand for a higher MP camera, it might just not be as good a market as the one the 5DmkIII is aimed at. They cater the sports and PJ shooters and let studio/landscape photographers migrate to other brands. There is no logic in that. At least they could vent what is in the pipeline to keep that user base in the fold. They have no problem doing so with the video oriented bodies. I expect something for fotokina, but would like to know about it before that.

Daniel Clune wrote:

Wishful thinking if your expecting ANOTHER FF from Canon any time soon. 2 years is about what to expect. But your right anything can happen but highly doubtful. The 7D replacement is more likley the next camera from canon. Canon makes alot more money on the lower end models.

MoreorLess wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

Sounds good but it takes along time to make such a camera so maybe in 2 years you will see it but for now the 5D3 is it. Happy or not. Take it or leave it.. Iam still deciding whether to leave it for d800.

This makes the assumption that Canon's original intension was for the 1DX and 5D mk3 to be the sole FF cameras this generation. The inside comments we've heard seem to suggest to me that Canon are/were uncertain of the demand for a higher MP camera but had done some R&D into producing one.

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