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Re: Wrong is subjective.

DogShot wrote:

Richard wrote:

There is no better reason to own an Apple than you simply want one.

I'll bet that just about everyone else on this forum has significant experience using both Mac's and PC, except for you.

I think you mean 5 to 6 percent because that is the market share the Mac has. So it is very likely that most of the people on this site own PCs. I also find a lot of mac users have a PC as a backup system because it does things the mac doesn't do. At leas that is what the honest ones say.

THe reason I moved from PC to a Mac, back in the days of XP, was that I was having persistent and annoying network problems with my home setup.

I still have xp systems in my home that have no network problems, perhaps the problem was your inability to learn your tool.

The last straw was when I was delivering a presentation on my PC, and mid-presentation my PC started to shut down Powerpoint to do an operating system update

So you don't know how to turn automatic upadtes off, Yes, you are a good candidate for mac.

PC users happily report that their PC is as fast as the day they bought it - all they have to do is a fresh install of their operating system every 6 months to keep it that way.

As a PC user, you need to know about the registry and registry bloat. Make a backup of your system, install all your test software, then restore instead of uninstalling and leving resistry entries, or use a tool to eliminate registry bload.

Mac users spend less time troubleshooting, maintaining and fixing their machines than do PC users. That is a real advantage to some people.

To some degree that is true and it is an advantage to some people.Good for mac, it needs some advantages to justify the extra cost. Not only on the PC but the software teh mac runs.

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