Runway Shot. C&C Appriciated - No light leak :)

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Re: Runway Shot. C&C Appriciated - No light leak :)

Nice shot!

straightening has been mentioned.

The strength of noise reduction, sharpening and contrast are all making the model look a bit like a plastic doll, so I would reduce them and play with the skin tone.

Sorry, I am a little alergic to oversmoothed and oversharpened digital images... Maybe it's old school, but I learned with film images and digital artifacts jump right out at me and make an image look "not right" to me.

I would also play with the crop to reduce the negative space on the right, basically position the model a little to the right of the middle. On the left you have the text, so that should balance out nicely with a slightly off-center subject. Go by feeling.

Cheers, Surf

Macgupta wrote:

Great shot overall.

Apart from straightening it out, looking at the model's legs, I'm wondering if perhaps there is a little too much noise reduction.

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