An intro and first XP1 pics

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An intro and first XP1 pics

I just got my brand new XP1 late yesterday, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I got the Fuji camera because my primary photographic interest is upland bird hunting in various places around this great country with my beloved dogs, nearly 14 year old Maggie and 8 year old Chase. I like to photograph the dog work and the beautiful wilderness places it takes us in our motorhome seven months out of the year. Here, stopping on the road to water the bushes somewhere in the Dakotas:

Here are a few samples - hunting prairie grouse on the remote western high plains - a double dog point:

An abandoned home many miles from the nearest civilization just as a violent storm came crashing in over the prairie:

Pheasant hunting in ag areas

Ruffed grouse hunting in the eastern mountains:

I also work part time as an upland hunting guide and, as part of the service, attempt to provide quality photographs of the day afield to the folks for whom we guide.

In the off-season, I like to photograph the places around home that we see when training and exercising, as we do every day.

I have a rather complete set of Canon DSLR equipment. Excellent as the Canon stuff is, I rarely use it because I can't manage a big DSLR, lenses, etc, and still carry everything needed to sustain dogs and man for extended periods afield, manage very active bird dogs and gun, all while covering many miles in wilderness areas. So, I've been using little Leica DL-series cameras as field cameras, most recently the DL5 (same as the Panny LX5). They work OK, with decent IQ for such a small camera, but leave a lot to be desired as a field camera. I've been wanting to find a reasonably sized, light rangefinder-type camera with really good IQ (which you can't get from a tiny P&S sensor), an optical viewfinder (LCD's disappear completely in harsh desert or high plains light), interchangeable prime lenses and a fast burst rate. I'd like it to be ruggedized as well, but other than that, the Fuji seems to fit the bill.

Another reason is that I've been a fan of Leica cameras ever since using an old one when we went to live in der Vaterland after being discharged from the Army in 1971 (it was not a good time to live in the US as a vet - and I am of PA Dutch ethnicity, so speak German). I did some of my best photography with that simple camera - here is a Leica pic of my wife (who was terrified of heights) having just stepped out on the balcony of one of the Frauenkirchen towers in Munich:

But, I'm a big fan of digital technology (do NOT miss the darkroom) and Leica's digital M-series cameras never seem to quite hit the mark, plus they are insanely expensive. The XP1 is sort of a modern digital Leica for the common man. It seems to force one to slow down and think about the pic, rather than just "spray and pray" as one can do with modern cameras - and that is something that harkens back to my old film Leica

Without further ado, here are the first XP1 attempts. Maggie and Chase out for this morning's run on one of the trails on my place (we live way back in the PA mountains):

Fahrwud on the hoof (the hillbilly's renewable energy resource). We probably lost 50 big, beautiful mature oaks in a freak snow storm last October, but the good news is that there is endless easily accessible firewood to harvest over the summer months.

This is an old park bench I have set up in a little mountain top meadow on my place - it's a nice place to sit quietly and watch the wildlife:

This is a little mountain lake by my place where the dogs and I often go to cool off in warm weather:

Here I attempted, not very successfully, to do an HDR of that last scene with the three shot auto bracketing setting:

So far (on Day One) I'm happy with the XP1. It seems to be just what I was looking for (except is it not ruggedized/sealed). Hopefully, I'll learn to use it over the summer; and decide if it will take to the field this fall. I'll try to post some of my efforts here for C&C and turn to the assembled experts here for help as I try to learn this new camera.

Thanks for lookin'!!

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