Fisheye or Wide-Angle for 7D

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Re: Fisheye or Wide-Angle for 7D

Re EXIF -The Samyang or Rokinon 8mm are fully manual lenses, they do not communicate with the camera. You have to set the Aperature and Focus Manually therefore the exif data does not contain any accurarte lens data. Manual focus is usually best done by estimating the distance and using the focus scale. I have not found this to be limiting as exposure (shutter speed) is determined by the camera depending on the Aperature that you set.

Beware: These lenses Samyang and Rokinon are well know for inaccurate focus scales, i.e. setting the scale to 2 metres may in fact be 10 on the lens, this is due to poor QA unfortunately, however the rest of the lens construction and glass appear to be well made. If you are game, you can make the adjustment yourself if you find that your scale is not accurate. I have done it using the following Guide located here;

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