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Re: Obsession? yes a nutty one too

Richard wrote:

Not an obsession.

I beg to differ, you're obsessed.

Apple does not want to support an accepted standard for video and storage.

It supports it and is a founder member of the blu ray alliance.

The Accept DVD and include it on nearly every one of their computers. You can watch a DVD on your Apple or PC and both market it as media. But why is Apple resisting Blue Ray.

Because it's not a feature people want, they watch blue ray on TV not computers,

I think they are trying to push highly compressed streaming video to your laptop or computer and call it HD.

Bingo! it is HD 180P over H2.64 exactly the same as BR sans the physical media!

But it looks no better than DVD quality and is even more compressed.

Wrong it can be equal to blu ray and because it uses the same codec is just as good.

You see mpeg artifacts, blockyness areas of blurryness, but they still call it high def.

Rubbish, I author 1080 over H264 without that, BR is just a disk format-the contained video is the same!

But if you pay all that extra money for an expensive display on a mac laptop and you watch a movie, the best quality comes from blue ray and if you hook that laptop to a projector or big screen tv you will see the difference between the streamed "hd" movie and a blue ray.

You're a little 'out there' aren't you!!

A blueray HD move is many GBs, but for Apple they compress it down and call it good.

You're confused, the H264 quicktime codec is EXACTLY the same as BR, there is no difference, you may have seen streamed HD content that has been compressed because of internet transport, but perfectly OK for the small devices intended.

You can buy a 25gb disk for $1 each. Sure, you can buy an external harddrive $100 for 1tb, but I am not going to give that drive to someone. I don't mind giving a 1 dollar disk away. So it is a good feature to have.

Eh? thats stupid, Drives are for long term storage right! Who in their right mind would give their photos to a client on a BR disk? I ftp mine–BR is plain dumb for the use you sate.

It's not a particularly good as a disc storage medium, in fact physical disks aren't really an issue for most folks–my next machine won't have one for the rare occasion I need them connecting an additional burner would be fine.

I have heard this before and laugh a little bit. Maybe that will work for you, but if you a consumer and want to load microsoft office, how are you going to do it in a reasonable mount of time?

Laugh all you want the joke is on you, most IT departments use ISO disk images, I just download and install it's quick – BR is a non starter for this kind of thing.

What about games that span mulitple DVDs I have 20mbit from Century Link, and 24mb from 4g verizon at my house still programs that are 1 or 2 dvds take forever to download. Some people in many areas don't have this speed.

What about it? sheesh are you really serious?

You seem to miss out that most people use BRD in home cinema type situations, it give no real benefits on something like a laptop where burning 50gb image files would be rare, slow and quixotic experience compared to using external storage.

How many cinema systems have as nice a display as your mac laptop? Are you willing to give external storage devices away and not get them back, but a 1 dollar disk is nothing.

You joke? How many cinema displays have as nice disp.. oh come on son do you think I'm going to get a group of people round to watch a film on an 11" Macbook?
That's retarded, like your argument.
I haven't sent a client a disk in years? come into the 21st century!!

Blu-ray is just a disk format, one you can burn on a Mac if (and I can't see why you want to be daft enough too) you wanted to make 50GB 'back ups on disc.

It's best use though is a carrier for compressed video in home theatre, which is what it was designed for and its core use.

Then why do all computers and laptops (with decent displays) all have either DVD or Blue ray or the option for BR if that were true.

They don't you just live in an alternate reality.

It is just an option, one that Mac does not have at the store because they try to control you and the industry as to what they think you should have.

People buy what they want sonny-don't forget that!

When a format become obsolete, it will fall away, just like floppy disks did. And maybe someday when a 32gb usb drive becomes $1 then blue ray will go away. 8gb usb drives are about 5 to 7 dollars, but I bet they are not making much money on them. But the time will come when disk media will go away.

What? are you on about?

But when a 4.7gb dvd disk is 20cents, I don't see it going away anytime soon. And if I am going to own a movie, I am going to want it on a disk, not a compressed streamed format. If I own the movie on BR or DVD, I can rip it to a smaller size to fit on my Android phone or my touchpad.

I own them and play them on TV where they look best, BR on a Mac is possible if you want it, I don't I'll guess most don't either_all apart from you MR PC Blu ray evangelist.

Richard, I'm seriously worried about you and won't ever reply to you again-god bless you.

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