D800, taxes, online stores, local stores, allocation

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OP Erwin Buske Regular Member • Posts: 476
Re: D800, taxes, online stores, local stores, allocation

The people at Tall's are great--customer service second to none. What a contrast to B&H. From the start I recieved straight forward answers to all my questions--what their Nikon reps were telling them, etc. From B&H all I recieved is a boiler plate response, the same response, three times. In this age of information, customers expect more than that--we need to know precisely how many cameras they recieved, where we are at in the que, and what Nikon is communicating to B&H--I bet it is more than what was in the automated email.

Markets are currently badly distorted by a system that allows people to avoid taxes by purchasing from online company that is not located in their own state. In such a distorted market, customer service becomes secondary. This does not make sense from the stand point of fair and open competition.

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