Canon 17-55 vs Sigma 17-50 vs Tamron 17-50 - all stablized

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Re: Difficult decision

First of all I would like to say that up to my knowledge a Tamron 17-55 does not exist , it is the Tamron 17-50mm which does . They come without VC which is the old version and with VC. Reviews all over praise the tamron for being an incredible sharp lens at all focal lenghts with a bit of distortion at 17 comparable to other manufacturers pro lens at a an inexpensive price.. The old version is sharper wide open and the newer VC version is as sharp from F4 onwards . Tamrons reputation for costumer service is second to none .

The Sigma also comes in two flavors , The Sigma 18-50mm and the Sigma 17-50. The Sigma 17-50 is the newer of the two and also the sharpess . It is not inexpensive costing 669.00 dollars . The 18-50 is less expensive but in my view doesn't compare to either Tamron or the new Sigma . I have seen photos taken with the new one and it seems to be an excellent lens . All the reviews on this lens are extremely positive .

I really can't talk to much about the canon but I do know that they are excellent (my system is Nikon . I read this forum because I love canon equipment and consider it to be excellent but having had good experiences with Nikon in my SLR days when going digital I went the Nikon route.)

The way I see it , don't make your decision based solely on sharpness as there are other considerations in image quality . Contrast , colors , bokeh and soforth have to be equally considered in a buying decision . Sharpness depending on your type of photography is overrated ( not saying it isn't important) Have fun with what ever you decide .

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